Mattress Testing

Mattresses or Matratzen test as they are known in Germany are the key element not only to a good night’s sleep but also to a healthy lifestyle in general.

Buying a new mattress that is right for you needs to be a diligent process. We spend on average more than a quarter of our lives in bed. Most of that time is spent sleeping and the more comfortable a night’s sleep we have the more we are able to get out of the following day. Having the right mattress is fundamentally important in maintaining a good quality of life.

A good way to start is to surf the internet. Have a look at the types of mattress that are on offer and see what will suit you best both in the actual mattress itself and affordability. There is a range of prices and not everyone can always afford the highest quality. Mattresses can be very hi-tech in the contemporary world so a little research helps in deciding which path you would like to go down. Look for new and interesting features and also for any special or trial offers that being made.

You should have in your mind the level of firmness that is needed. If you have back problems a medium to firm mattress is better for you as it will help to support your lower back and so reduce any discomfort. A common misconception is that the number of springs in a mattress has a bearing on its overall quality, this is not the case. The spring count is not actually relevant to the overall rating of a particular mattress.

Take time to measure the space that you have for your bed. There is nothing worse than ordering one that is too big for the space available. There are a variety of sizes that are used in the industry the smallest being twin size followed by the full or double mattress. The common size that is purchased by couples is the queen size bed and after that there is the larger king size version which is the biggest of the standard sizes. Remember to check that the size that you choose will not only fit in the space that it is intended to but will also be able to go through any doorways or stairs that need to be negotiated.

Once the size and firmness has been decided the store that you want to buy from should be next. There are obviously many to choose from and you may know of a store that you have either used before or purchased other items from that you feel will have sufficient reputation and service to use. It is important to make sure that if there are any problems down the line the seller will be able to deal with them and make sure that your purchase is sound for the long term.

Next it is important to be able to carry out a thorough mattress test. A good store will have a large number of mattresses in the show room that are there for you to lie down on and get the feel of them. Take some time to walk round and try a few out for at least two or three minutes each. A quick sit down is not good enough; you need to stretch out on the mattress to benefit from the full effect. By testing them out this way you will feel which is best for yourself. There is no need to be drawn in by the marketing names that are used and often they do not actually reflect what the mattress really is.

Now you have made your choice it is time to make sure that you are covered in the unlikely event that there is a problem with this particular mattress. Firstly most stores will now offer a thirty day trial period where you can have the mattress in use at home and return it if it is not the one for you. Next there should be a comfort guarantee which will allow you to return it over a longer period of time. This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Then there will be a ten year warranty against any defect in the mattress.

Lastly, make sure that you buy a waterproof cover for the mattress, this not only protects it and makes it easier to clean but most warranties will be voided in the event of damage, so in a way, the cover is an investment to your benefit.